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Based near Much Wenlock in Shropshire we have a long experience of developing reliable competition engines for rally race sprint and hillclimb applications.

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RACE ENGINE DESIGN is now heavily involved in the rebuilding of WORLD RALLY IMPREZA, GPA A and GPN, engine units. In 2003 GEOFF JONES had a win in GPN on WALES RALLY GB and a very creditable 18th OVERALL.
GEOFF recently won THE PLAINS RALLY overall on the 25 Sept 2005 in JOHN LLOYD’S GPA IMPREZA another one of our units.
NICK KENNY has recently acquired the ex JULIAN REYNOLDS GPA IMPREZA, we have just freshened the unit which NICK is very pleased with.
We are at the moment developing our own management system for the SUBARU along with RACETECH DEVS LTD, incorporating VVT technology, water spray, water injection, launch control , anti lag, diff control etc. We can also accommodate the older versions of this engine

Cosworth YB

Head work is our speciality along with cams, bigger valves and OMEGA forged pistons we can produce a very competitive unit Normally Aspirated 2.2Ltr, JOHN ASHTON, 2.3 OLIVER DAVIES and 2.4 DAVE ALLMARK all going well and finishing well in their respective championships.


Has always been the backbone of John Beattie’s motorsport involvement, producing some fairly off the wall projects for the sport DAVID GRACE and ALAN WARBURTON (DTA) first used one of our 1700cc pushrod Ford engines in their MALLOCK CLUBMAN’S car and set record after record at all of the venues across the country. MARTIN GROVES another CLUBMAN’S 1700 FORD would regularly finish in the TOP TEN especially at BOULEY BAY GEURNSEY when he would often finish as high as 3rd overall. ANDY PRIAULX, a 2.8Ltr HART engine, RAY ROWAN 2.5Ltr with sequential management 8injector Methanol and Nitro burning unit in his ROMAN. PAUL TURNER and IAN FIDO a 1600cc PUSH ROD FORD unit on NITRO with giving 260bhp again sequential management 8 injector all of thisin the late 80’s early 90’s.

The Latest unit of interest is the MANIC BEATTIE, an extremely innovative 4 wheel drive CLUBMANS type chassis designed by NIC MANN of the famous ROVER V8 TURBO MOGGY fame. We designed a special 1700 BDT unit with special cylinder head, bronze gas sealing rings and other trick bits, to produce at the moment around 400bhp.This unit is blown with an HELICOPTER TURBINE, which is mounted in the car and uses it’s own fuel system to produce boost which remains at a constant pressure at all times, is then fed into the BDT, permanent boost! NO LAG. This unit was mapped on our dyno using a RACE
TECH DEVELOPMENTS ecu with a 6 layer mapping facility with fantastic results. NIC has just broken the 20 year old unlimited sports car record at SHELSLEY WALSH with a 26.43 second run.

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