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Based near Much Wenlock in Shropshire we have a long experience of developing reliable competition engines for rally race sprint and hillclimb applications.

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Hart Beattie 420R

Available in 2 litre up to 3 litre
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John Beattie has been involved in the building of HART engines since 1985. Because of the difficulties with Brian Hart retiring from engine development and stopping production of parts, RACE ENGINE DESIGN LTD has developed a replacement cylinder block incorporating our own improvements, extra wall thickness around the bores. Siamese bores for extra strength, 2 ribs around the bores for extra rigidity, extra material at crank-line level for less flexing, the choice of extra height to incorporate longer con-rod lengths.  
We do two types of cylinder sealing, one with conventional HEAD GASKET and one with BRONZE SEALING RINGS and O RINGS to seal oil and water drillings. We machine a gas escape path around the outside of the sealing ring in the event of any compressed gas leakage this stops the tendency to boil the cooling fluid in the event of a cylinder head leak, allowing the gas out to atmosphere. At the present time we are about to produce a single trough sump to supply to the historic customers.  

One of our Beattie-Hart cylinder blocks has been running in Scottish Hill-climbing for ten years and has won this Championship outright 8 times.

Our efforts have now turned to a new cylinder head for the 420R, we can reproduce the original head casting, a small port version , or a much large port version. The original combustion chamber shape or a more modernone with more compression-ratio related options.





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